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As an inaugural university in the Alliance for the American Dream, a Schmidt Futures initiative, ASU committed to developing a pipeline of 10 idea teams to increase by 10% the net income of 10,000 local middle class households by December 2020. With $1.5M of funding over two years, ASU’s teams are developing policy ideas or startup concepts that will either raise incomes or decrease expenses for middle class Arizonans. Each of ASU’s 10 teams received $50,000 to pilot and refine their ideas.

UI's role
The Office of University Initiatives is responsible for managing the grant during its two year duration. By positioning the grant in UI, ASU’s teams have the support of more than just a single college or school, enabling them to advance bold, interdisciplinary projects. To build local support and momentum for the ideas, UI enlisted the expertise of influential community members. This advisory board was also responsible for selecting the top three teams to advance to the semi-final national pitch event in January 2019, the winners of which will compete for $1M of implementation funding against other Alliance teams. Final funding decisions will be made in June 2019.

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Design aspirations

Leverage Our Place, Transform Society, Value Entrepreneurship, Fuse Intellectual Disciplines, Be Socially Embedded

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