Design Cycle

Our Process / Design Cycle

Demonstrated below, UI utilizes an iterative design process. Since we are responsive to the university’s evolving needs, we simultaneously advance projects across multiple design stages. An initiative’s design life cycle varies from months to years based on the project’s complexity, our staff capacity, and the desired pace and readiness of our partners.

The UI Design Cycle

  1. Identify Opportunity: Our projects originate from several sources including a moonshot idea from President Crow, an introduction to a potential partner or a news article.
  2. Research: We observe current practices and talk to experts in order to understand the problem we are trying to solve.
  3. Design: Based on our research, we design a feasible solution. We utilize a user-centered design process and request feedback from as many experts and allies as possible.
  4. Incubate: We pilot new projects to demonstrate their feasibility and potential impact. We evaluate success, troubleshoot and adapt the projects according to feedback.
  5. Transition: After demonstrating impact, we transition ownership from UI to a new or established entity to ensure a project’s sustainability and growth. We remain committed to our partners and often continue to advise or support projects beyond the incubation stage.
Our Process / Design Cycle