Our Process

The Office of University Initiatives helps shape ASU through strategic innovation and continuous evolution.

With the support of the Office of the President, we work outside of ASU’s departments and academic units to drive the continuous evolution of the university. We ask big questions, research opportunities for innovation and advance demonstration projects of the New American University model through our design cycle, using ASU's Design Aspirations as a guide.

Leverage Our Place

ASU embraces its culture, socioeconomic and physical setting.

Enable Student Success

ASU is committed to the success of each unique student.

Transform Society

ASU catalyzes social change by being connected to social needs.

Fuse Intellectual Disciplines

ASU creates knowledge by transcending academic disciplines.

Value Entrepreneurship

ASU uses its knowledge and encourages innovation.

Be Socially Embedded

ASU connects with communities through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Conduct Use-Inspired Research

ASU research has purpose and impact.

Engage Globally

ASU engages with people and issues locally, nationally and internationally.

We connect and collaborate with all aspects of the university, allowing us to be responsive to university needs and integrate bold ideas to tackle any kind of project. Our process is not time-bound; ideas may take months or years to design, incubate and transition.

Our Process