University Innovation Fellowship

The University Innovation Fellowship at ASU is designed to engage early- and mid-career policy-makers, analysts, researchers, communicators, writers, designers and leaders in big ideas and real program building processes that can transform higher education institutions.

At UI, we believe the most exciting ideas are generated through collaboration, and that true innovation is best sharpened against the creativity of others. This is why our office is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of academics, professionals and students. Fellows play an important role in infusing new ideas, new talent and new passions into our office culture that enhance our ability to be more creative and better respond to the needs of our university.

The Fellowship in University Innovation at Arizona State University

What fellows do
Become a fellow

Advance bold ideas at a top-ranked institution

University Innovation Fellows serve as change agents at one of the the largest comprehensive public research universities in the U.S. Over 13 months, fellows develop a diverse project portfolio, collaborative philosophy and comprehensive skill set essential to building and communicating programs linked to institutional and societal change.

UI fellows form an interdisciplinary team that utilizes a diversity of experiences to contribute to high-level projects, learn from university leaders and support institutional innovation. This opportunity ignites career trajectories and fuels ASU’s trailblazing agenda to make a lasting impact within local and global communities.