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Curb Cut Thinking: An Argument for Universal Design

Submitted by Lindsey Beagley on January 4, 2017 - 12:00am
I sit at my desk staring at this cheeky big red button that reads, “To boldly go where everyone else has gone before” and marvel at the common themes that seem to weave through my career. I keep it pinned to my corkboard everywhere I go because, as a generalist and project manager-type professional, I often need to remind myself what principles and values guide my career path and thread together my seemingly disparate intellectual pursuits. Accessibility and equity are chief among them.

The Faces of Access: Ethan's Story

Submitted by Lindsey Beagley on February 3, 2016 - 12:00am

On a particularly over-committed day in December, I rushed into a team meeting that had already begun, found an open seat, and got my things settled as I tuned into one of our undergraduate Student Research Analysts, Ethan, sharing his experience about coming to ASU. The question posed in the meeting was, “How can we best communicate the meaning of ASU’s charter to students?” I listened as Ethan shared how he almost didn’t go to college, and how there was a time when he thought college wasn’t for him.

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