May 9th, 2012

Kickstarting Campus-Specific Collaboration

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This past Monday, Changemaker Central at the Polytechnic campus launched their first campus-specific collaboration initiative. This meeting was comprised of individuals representing faculty, staff, students, academic and non-academic units at the Polytechnic campus.

These collaboration teams are being set up on all 4 campuses to help strengthen Changemaker Central’s role in providing all students across the university access to resources and opportunities to enact change and impact our local and global communities. The overall goals of this collaboration is to:

1. Raise awareness amongst students, faculty and staff about Changemaker Central.

2. Serve as “noisemakers” for events, activities, programs and services that embrace pillars of Changemaker Central throughout the campus and community.

3. Identify local experiences that connect students, faculty and staff to each other and to:

-Community service

-Service learning

-High impact careers


During our meeting this past Monday, the team identified challenges at Poly and created the following next steps to help address these obstacles and continue to support the exciting growth happening at ASU:

1. Increase Service Learning opportunities and partnerships for Polytechnic students by 2013.

2. Increase student awareness and participation for Changemaker Central programs and resources.

3. Coordinate early planning of programming with Change Agents and partners at the Polytechnic campus.

4. Collaborate with the academic units to create a 1 hour course similar to the EPICS program focused on increasing innovation and entrepreneurship with community service.

5. Create a letter of communication about Education Outreach and Student Services and Changemaker Central opportunities for incoming students.

This meeting is the first of many to happen across the University with Changemaker Central on all 4 campuses. I strongly believe in the impact of Changemaker Central Collaboration teams and I am very excited to continue to move this initiative forward!


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