Our driving questions

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Why aren't universities as nimble as start-ups?
What if universities had the capacity to explore wild ideas and rapidly advance innovation?

We are an interdisciplinary team driven by the exploration of new ideas, freedom to take risks and opportunity to catalyze social change.

Born out of President Michael Crow's vision to establish ASU as a New American University, UI is a special projects unit that reports directly to the president. Limited solely by our creativity, we operate as a startup lab, ideation center and innovation catalyst with the freedom to explore and advance bold ideas at scale. 

Our office is intentionally lean, consisting of a director, six to eight staff members, University Innovation Fellows and a small team of student research analysts. This allows us to move quickly and respond effectively to the current needs of the university.

At UI, we are...

Bold - we are not afraid to take risks
Creative - we don’t just think outside the box, we re-imagine it
Future-Focused - we create projects based on how things will be, not exclusively on how they are now
Interdisciplinary - we transcend university silos and connect people from across disciplines
Catalysts - we get ideas and projects going
Action-Oriented - we believe in making things happen

About / Driving Questions