The Office of University Initiatives is now the Office of Applied Innovation.

The Office of Applied Innovation will build upon the award-winning University Innovation Fellowship program and focus on identifying and applying emerging innovations to advance ASU's teaching and learning mission as well as the overall health of the communities it serves.

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Since 2002, more than 50 staff and students in the ASU Office of University Initiatives (UI) have developed, launched and managed projects related to leadership development, student success, workforce innovation and online learning communities.

UI incubated innovative programs and initiatives that challenged the status quo in higher education, enriched the student experience and responded to the needs of communities around the world.

ASU Preparatory Academy

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UI Projects Mastercard Foundation

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ASU Public Service Academy

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ASU Alliance for the American Dream

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Center for Science and the Imagination

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UI Accomplishments

UI designed mechanisms to strengthen ASU’s institutional capacity for connecting with communities in mutually beneficial ways.

University Initiatives Social Embeddedness

UI served as a catalyst for innovation at ASU by supporting faculty and staff with thought leadership, timely research and design tools to provoke out-of-the-box thinking.

University Initiatives Catalyst

UI cultivated partnerships with foundations, corporations and non-profits because addressing complex issues requires collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

University Initiatives Partners

UI built a collaborative environment that encouraged experimentation and empowered an interdisciplinary group of academics, professionals and students to contribute their creativity and talents toward responding to the complex needs of the university and the communities it serves.

University Initiatives Staff